Anemometer Calibration Uncertainty improvements for UKAS accredited air velocity calibrations

8th January 2020

A Research and Development study across our open and closed jet wind tunnels with dual 1D and 2D laser doppler anemometers, enabled our Calibration Engineers to further understand 3D flow profiles and interaction of the anemometer within the wind stream. Greater knowledge of the flow turbulence and blockage effects of the instrument have concluded in improvements to the UKAS accredited air velocity uncertainty capability to a world leading CMC of 0.15% + 0.0002 m/s for pitot tubes across 1 to 80 m/s with uncertainty levels closely followed for thermal, ultrasonic and vane type anemometers. The anemometer calibration procedure for all styles of air velocity and wind speed devices has evolved to reflect the increased detailing of the air velocity profiles and allows for improved turnaround times for lower level test type instruments.

Latest UKAS accredited calibration schedule for Lab 0604:

Large anemometers up to 480 x 120 mm in frontal area size can be calibrated within the wind tunnel. For full details of our UKAS accreditation schedule click HERE