Calorimetric, Durability and Component Testing Facility Upgrades

10th June 2020

Thermal Fluid Test & Development Services

Young Calibration continues itsí laboratory expansion with the latest upgrades to the Component Durability Test Laboratory. The facility provides pre-production validation, prototype development and type approval testing for electro mechanical and thermal fluid components utilised within the internal combustion engine, hybrid and EV platforms. Significant investment has allowed expansion of the Calorimetric Wind Tunnels to include extended capabilities for component durability and reliability testing or complete assemblies and integrated modules. Predominantly covering pre-production and prototype systems for lubrication, coolant and charge air ancillary components the laboratories can now also provide high volume test capabilities for production line stoppages with modular and automated test rigging utilised throughout the laboratories.

Ongoing projects for; identification of leaks, component performance issues, casting porosity, assembly misalignment, production line cleanliness, OEM support, additive manufacturing components, low volume super cars and our continued support for the multitude of motorsport series. Working with engine sizes from 5 to 1200 kW, the facility covers all major automotive, traction, motorsport and marine applications.

Testing facilities are available for thermal cycling, pressure cycling, burst, leak, altitude, corrosion, vibration, ageing, SWAAT, bump, hot soak, cold soak, pump performance, smart coolant drives, thermal battery management optimisation, pressure and temperature characterisation on component cleanliness and particle analysis.