Engine Blowby Meter Calibration

13th September 2010

A complete range of blowby meter calibration services can be covered in the Young Calibration laboratories. This include full service, clean, and calibration of AVL, ECM, J-Tec, NTK, Platon, Roxspur, Dew Systems, Scheme and Toceil meters. All meter types can be calibrated from orifice, venturi, vortex and positive displacement meters. Contact Young Calibration for the latest service details available on engine blow-by meters.

Laboratory updates for the air flow calibration facility, include the full service and calibration of BGI Flow Calibrators, Alicat Mass Flowmeters, liquid calibration facilities include the service and calibration of turbine flowmeters and HPLC flow calibrators. Service and calibration is now available for the Alicat range of gas mass flowmeters. Flow calibrations can be undertaken on air, from 1 sccm upto 1000 slpm, on Alicat Mass Flow Controllers (MFC) as well as the mass flowmeter range (MFM), for all M, MW and MQ series gas flowmeters, covering 1 cc/min to 1000 l/min

Young Calibration lab now offer the calibration of the Rotronic HygroPalm and HygroLog units using the latest Airchip 3000 generation sensors, such as the Hygroclip HC2-S probes. Traceable calibration against the laboratory reference chilled mirrors and in-house HumGen Calibrator covers 5 - 95% RH.