Expanded Medical Calibration Services

3rd January 2010

The company extends its' medical services support to cover defibrillators, pulse oximetry, tympanic and arterial temperature instruments. All using the latest reference calibration equipment. Defibrillators and AEDs  from all leading manufacturers can be calibrated. Calibration of personal and laboratory pulse oximeters and all vital signs meters can also be undertaken.

Now calibrating all models of Infusion Pump Analysers, Spirometers, Ventilator Testers, Dialysis meters, HDV, HDU modules, pressure, flow and temperature meters, oxygen flowmeters, oxygen concentrators, vacuum pumps, parameter testers and vital signs. 

New and cost effective calibrations can be undertaken on all low pressure sensors, blood pressure, NIBP, micromanometers, multislope manometers down to 5 Pascal full scale. New calibration and control systems are capable of delivering gauge and differential pressure calibrations from 5 - 5000 Pa, with a 0.25 Pa uncertainty. Update : Micromanometer pressure measurement uncertainty now 0.046% + 0.06 Pa for pressure range 0 - 2500 Pa

Facilities are now available to calibrate all types of thermal imaging cameras and infrared devices. Calibration across a temperature range of 35 to 500 C can be accommodated using high precision radiometric calibrators. Update : IR probe and sensor calibration for thermal imagers, point and click probes now available on-site.