Fan Coil and Heat Exchanger Calorimetric Testing

24th September 2019

Expansion of the thermal fluid testing facilities now allows for testing of commercial and HVAC coils, chillers and fan packs for calorimetric thermal efficiency. Our Calorimetric chambers for testing coils and fan packaged units can be adapted to industry standard for EN 1397. Our calorimetric chambers for testing fan coils and fan units (EN 1397) are designed to simulate the necessary operating conditions for real life testing of the thermal performance of fan coils and hydronic units that operate with heated or cooled water, water/glycol mixes and/or specific customer fluids. Depending on requirements, we can incorporate data acquisition and reports containing the vital data about the tests and calculations about the efficiency of the products being tested.

CALORIMETRIC CHAMBERS FOR TESTING AIR CONDITIONERS, HEAT EXCHANGERS, COILS, FANS AND CHILLERS - EN 14511 / EN 14825 : The Young Calibration thermal fluids test department houses two calorimetric chambers for testing air coolers and chillers and are designed to simulate real world operating conditions to understand cooler performance and efficiencies.Depending on requirements a data acquisition system will generate fully documented test reports containing all the vital data about the tests and calculations about the efficiency of the heat exchanger or coil being tested. Our test chambers are integrated with our air-to-air heat exchanger test rig (EN 308 + EN 13141-7) to allow integrated test setup and enabling standard efficiency tests to be completed for, Air flow measurements, Pressure drop tests, leakage tests and fluid calorific performance.