UKAS Air Velocity Calibration

21st July 2009

The UK's best accuracy accredited air velocity calibration instruments across 10 - 80 m/s is based on the south coast of England. The facility has a total coverage range of 0.01 m/s to 100 m/s. UKAS accredited calibrations from 0.05 to 80 m/s for thermal anemometers, pitot tubes and vane anemometers.

With a multi-variable tunnel concept, the optimum tunnel size can be used to minimise installation and instrument blockage effects, ensuring the customer receives the optimum calibration of their device. The facility utilises a laser doppler anemometer for all its air velocity measurements.

Update : UKAS accreditation schedule extended to include accredited air velocity calibration of Rotating Cup Anemometers from 1 to 24 m/s at 0.23% uncertainty. Rotating Vane anemometer UKAS accredited calibration updated to 0.1 to 40 m/s with a 0.20% + 0.001 m/s