UKAS Gas Flow Calibration

21st July 2009

Young extends its' ISO 17025 accreditation services for the calibration of meters. All types of air flowmeters are covered, including, thermal, variable area, coriolis, laminar flow, turbine and orifice meters. UKAS accreditation covering 0.2 - 800 lpm (volume or mass flow based) with a best measurement uncertainty of 0.5%.

A recent contract award for the calibration of over 100 Gemini and Macnaught oval gear meters was secured by Young Calibration. The various size Gemini / Macnaught flowmeters, covering G05, M05, G1, M1, G2 and M2 models are to have multi point calibrations on the customer fluid, a flavoured essence.

Calibrations are completed in a temperature and pressure controlled test line with repeatability, and stop / start hysteresis tests undertaken for each individual flowmeter. Units are then chemically sealed and bagged prior to dispatch and return to the customer. The company now provide UKAS accredited oil flow meter calibration from 0.6 to 280 litres/min.

Update : UKAS accredited hydrocarbon flowmeter calibration extended flow range covering 0.5 to 440 l/min

The UK's best accuracy accredited air velocity calibration instruments across 10 - 80 m/s is based on the south coast of England. The facility has a total coverage range of 0.01 m/s to 100 m/s. UKAS accredited calibrations from 0.05 to 80 m/s for thermal anemometers, pitot tubes and vane anemometers.

With a multi-variable tunnel concept, the optimum tunnel size can be used to minimise installation and instrument blockage effects, ensuring the customer receives the optimum calibration of their device. The facility utilises a laser doppler anemometer for all its air velocity measurements.

Update : Calibration of rotating vane anemometers for UKAS accredited calibrations is now restricted to 40 m/s, but the new large scale wind tunnel is now available to calibrate rotating cup anemometers accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 from 1 to 24 m/s at a leading air velocity measurement uncertainty of 0.23% of reading.

How many thermal anemometers actually provide air velocity calibration readings at standard reference conditions, rather than actual test conditions. Most late model units do provide this facility and this is clearly described in the operations manual. But what about older model types?

Do you correct your anemometer wind speed readings to standard conditions? Do you know how to do this? If not contact our calibration engineers for more information.

Traceable pneumatic pressure calibrations can now be completed upto 200 bar. UKAS Pressure calibrations can be completed up to 20 bar pneumatic and 1100 bar hydraulic.  Calibrations are undertaken on a range of Mensor, Druck, Ruska and Degranges & Huot systems.

Update : UKAS ISO/IEC 17025 pneumatic calibration range extended to 35 bar

Update : Oxygen clean pressure calibration available up to 400 bar with full cleaning and assessment facilities to ASTM G93 Standards

20/05/2016 - Updated air flow calibration services for UKAS accredited gas flow calibration from 0.001 - 1300 l/min with uncertainties from 0.41% +1 cc/min

12/06/2017 - Updated gas flow calibration for additional gas flow rig from 40 litres per second to 1250 l/sec with best measurement uncertainty of 0.7% + 0.03 l/sec, calibration of air and gas flowmeters upto 300 mm diameter.