BIOS Defender

BIOS DryCal Defender piston flowmeter for measuring volumetric flow rate of clean, non-condensing air and gases with a humidity level upto 70%. They can be used in either suction or pressurised mode. This model covers 50 to 5000 ml/min flow range.

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Manufacturer BIOS
Model Defender 510 M
Meter Size Medium
Process Media Air & Gases
Flow Range 50 - 5000 ml/min
Pressure Rating Ambient
Temperature Rating 0 - 50 Deg C
Accuracy 1% of Reading
Atex Approval No
Process Connections 6mm Barb
Display Yes
Output 1 RS 232
Output 2
Output 3
Output 4
Controller No


Typical Application Areas

Clean and non-condensing gas ?ow applications.

Test rigs

Research, OEM and industrial applications

Leak detection

Emissions, environmental and sampling systems

Production, packing and batching lines

Sampling Pumps