4" Laminar Flow Element

Meriam 4" laminar flow elements or more commonly known as LFE's are excellent for measuring clean air or gas flow rates across the range of 19 - 190 l/sec. Full scale flow produces around 200 mmH20 differential pressure drop, and they are typically linear across their operating range providing gas viscosity remains constant. This makes them an ideal choice for air intake measurement or other clean high air flow measurements. The meter requires a differential pressure transducer connecting to the +ve and -ve ports. The dP sensor is not supplied.

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Manufacturer Meriam
Model 50MC2-4
Meter Size 4"
Process Media Air
Flow Range 18 - 190 l/sec
Pressure Rating Ambient
Temperature Rating Ambient
Accuracy 1% of reading
Atex Approval No
Process Connections Tube - Tube
Display No
Output 1 Differential Pressure
Output 2
Output 3
Output 4
Controller No


Laminar flow elements, when coupled to high a performance dP transmitter offer excellent flow measurement capabilities with near linear response across their operating range. They are often used in flow standard test rigs for the calibration of turbine, variable area and thermal mass meters. The meters' fine matrix needs to be kept clean and filtered at all times to minimise measurement error, and maintain the integrity for the meter calibration.

Typical Application Areas

Clean and non-condensing gas ?ow applications.

Calibration Rig and reference standards

Leak detection

Automotive engine air intake measurement

Emissions testing

Heat exchanger testing