OMG 13 Helical Screw Flowmeter

High specification and high performance helical screw flowmeter from Kral, for the measurement of lubricating fluids such as engine oils, fuels, hydraulic fluids and general hydrocarbons across 0.1 to 10 lpm flow range. Fitted with high temperature coil for upto 120 Deg C operation.

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Manufacturer Kral
Model OMG 13
Meter Size OMG 13
Process Media Oils
Flow Range 0.1 - 10 litres / min
Pressure Rating 250 bar
Temperature Rating -10 to 140C
Accuracy 0.5% Reading
Atex Approval No
Process Connections 1/2" Threaded and DN15 Flange
Display No
Output 1 Pulse, Nominal 2430 n/l
Output 2 n/a
Output 3 n/a
Output 4 n/a
Controller No


High specification liquid flowmeter for heavy oils, fuels, hydraulics and general hydrocarbon based fluids across various viscosities and temperatures. The flow meters are compact and offer high accuracy, low pressure drop, fast response and require no upstream flow conditioning. Connections can be made from either 1/2" thread with 250 bar rating or DN15 flange at 40 bar rating. AVailable with a range of fluid flow calibration options.

Typical Application Areas

Flow rate measurement for oils, hydrocarbons, fuels with lubricity.

Rate or Batch Measurement