Air Velocity Calibration

Air velocity calibration and anemometer calibration services are undertaken in the laboratories' universal UKAS accredited wind tunnels, offering extreme accuracy in both low and high speed operating modes. All types of anemometers and wind speed instruments can be calibrated. The facility can offer independent, UKAS accredited air velocity calibration for all types of pitot probes, vanes, thermal, ultrasonic, rotating cup and general anemometers. International recognition via the ILAC MRA laboratory mutual recognition agreement (MRA).

UKAS accredited air speed calibrations can be undertaken compliant with the United Kingdom MCERTS requirements for environmental emissions, using type E and type S pitot tubes, as well as accredited anemometer calibration for ISO 14644 for cleanroom validation and UKAS accredited anemometer calibration for Part L Building regulations under the Air Tightness Testing and Measurement Association (ATTMA) compliance, wind power assessments and renewable studies.

Three wind tunnel concepts with variable diameter nozzle for open jet velocity calibrations in the region of 0.05 to 100 m/s, an open jet and large closed section wind tunnel complete the facility. The reference air stream measurement instruments comprise of an X, Y, Z automated traverse system with integrally mounted 1D or 2D laser doppler anemometer and servo controlled spinning disc.

The facility offers customers worldwide with one of the most versatile air velocity calibration rigs available. With a wide air velocity operating range, high measurement accuracy, low turbulence and quick calibration turnaround. Customers from the environmental, pharmaceutical, HVAC and meteorological sectors continue to return, for a world leading calibration service for the calibration of their vane, cup, ultrasonic, thermal hot wire and pitot probe instrumentation. Reverse low flow anemometer calibrations can be undertaken for the calibration of laminar flow cabinets.

For the more specific Research and development requirements, constant temperature anemometers (CTAs), 5 hole probes and yaw probes can installed and calibrated in the multi-axis pitch and yaw head, allowing for directional sensitivity calibration for 2D and 3D probes. Calibration and validation can be completed for industry standards such as ISO 61400-12-1, VDI 2083-3, VDI 2080, NEBB or OSHA regulations and in preparation for MEASNET/IEC membership.

Onsite wind tunnel calibration is available to laboratories and test houses up to a 1 metre test section area, although provision for the laser optics must be made available in the tunnel walls.


Air Velocity Calibration Capability
  • Wide velocity range of 0.05 to 80 m/s
  • 3D Laser Doppler Capability
  • Best uncertainty CMC from 0.15% + 0.0002 m/s
  • Open and Closed Jet Test Section
  • Automated Velocity profiling
  • Blockage Correction Studies
  • Anemometer Development
  • Large 1m x 1m test section


Anemometer Calibration Types
  • Thermal Anemometer
  • Pitot Tubes & Yaw Probes
  • Rotating Vane Anemometer
  • Rotating Cup Anemometer
  • Exhaust Stack L and S probes
  • Ultrasonic Anemometer
  • Omni-spherical Probes
  • Isokinetic Probes

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