UKAS Calibration and Testing Laboratory

The Young Calibration laboratory provides UKAS calibration (Laboratory 0604) services and testing to all industries whilst maintaining a reputation for quality, cost effectiveness and reliability.

As our name implies, we are a young, vibrant and professional firm employing cutting edge technology for the benefit of our clients.

At the same time we have unrivalled knowledge and experience in our fields of expertise, covering Calorimetric Test, Air Flow Calibration, Fluid Flow Calibration, Component Cleanliness and Thermal Fluid systems. With over seventy man years solid experience between the staff, clients can be assured of a professional service.

Young Calibration specialises in the areas of flow measurement and thermal systems, and provides their expertise to an abundance of industry specific clients. Three departments cover the range of calibration services on offer, namely the Calibration Laboratory, the Thermal Fluids Test Laboratory and the Component Testing Laboratory.

The Calibration Laboratory houses eight specialist flow rigs, for gas flow, air flow, water flow, oil flow and fuel flow, and is complimented with calibration and testing facilities for air velocity, pressure, temperature, humidity, electrical, mass, torque and acceleration.

All our test rig equipment is calibrated to recognised standards in accordance with ISO 17025, meaning all equipment is traceable to National Standards. The Calibration laboratory also holds UKAS accreditation for a variety of parameters (Laboratory 0604).

Young Calibration have allowed us to reduce our supplier base from three to one and cover all test rigs with their onsite calibration service using out of hours support. A significant reduction in test rig downtime has been observed since moving our calibration to Youngs'.

Automotive Manufacturer, Leamington

Excellent service, cost competitive, excellent turnaround times and they have always been there in times of emergency support.

F1 Team, Motorsport Valley