Medical Calibration

A team of experienced calibration and test engineers with a vast knowledge of laboratory electronic and biomedical equipment compliments the extensive hi-tech laboratories at Young Calibration.

The calibration laboratory utilises the latest technological and methodical procedures covering an extensive range of EBME calibration services, available throughout the UK.

Reference calibration standards from a range of market leading manufacturers coupled with extensive knowledge of leading medical instrumentation make Young Calibration a leading provider for your calibration requirements.

Onsite, Offshore and Ship services are available via our field service engineers. Carrying over fifteen types of medical calibrators, enabling a vast range of medical based calibrations to be undertaken at remote locations, including offshore facilities, outstations, cruise ships, training centres, GP surgeries and care homes.

The laboratory medical team not only calibrate portable medical instruments, but also the higher grade specialist medical calibrators routinely used within EBME departments. Ongoing partnerships with the equipment manufacturer's enable us to continually expand the range of service and repair options available to end users. The laboratory is a manufacturer approved service and calibration centre for the BC Group range of Biomedical Test Equipment.

The reference equipment utilised for all our instrument calibration is maintained to a high and professional standard. All our calibration equipment carries full traceability back to National Standards.


  • Respiratory Gas Flow
  • Infusion Fluid Flow
  • Pressure - Invasive and Non-Invasive
  • Volume
  • Temperature IR and Standard
  • Humidity and Dew Point
  • Air Velocity
  • Electrical and Simulation


  • Ventilator Testers, Spirometers, Flowmeters and Insufflators
  • Infusion Pump Testers, Blood Pressure, NIBP Testers and Monitors
  • Defibrillators, Vital Signs, Pulse Oximeters
  • Parameter Testers, Gas Monitors, Syringes, Balances
  • Tympanic, Arterial and Standard Thermometers
  • Autoclaves, Fridges, Freezers, Bed Warmers
  • Humidity Meters, Barometric Pressure, Gauges
  • Ultrasound, Dialysis Meters

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