Oil Flow Calibration

Leading provider of oil flow meter calibrations, the Young Calibration hydrocarbon flow calibration facility offers oil meter calibration over a range of different oils and fuels and at at varying fluid temperature and viscosity to allow for slippage and thermal expansion events. The five traceable flow calibration rigs allow for fluids to be permanently online and stocked popular fluids for the hydraulics, aviation, automotive and motorsport sectors. Two flow calibration rigs are purpose built for undertaking fuel flow calibrations on automotive and aviation fuel pump equipment and have ISO 4113, Jet A1, and Diesel availability with the option for AVGAS with 24 hr notice. A further higher flow calibration rig is installed with ISO VG10 mineral oil for general test instrumentation utilised within the hydraulics industry and is UKAS accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 for the flow range of 0.5 to 440 lpm covering 5 to 20 cSt. Two additional flow rigs and a small volume prover (SVP) provide customer specific flow calibrations using customer supplied oils or fuels.

Our reference equipment used for flow meter calibrations is either a primary standard gravimetric stand, a small volume prover (SVP) or a reference grade positive displacement meter. Depending on the fluid, meter type and customer uncertainty requirements, this will dictate which facility is utilised. Whichever facility suits your requirements they will always have the options to measure the flowmeter output as a pulse, indicated display, voltage, current, magnetic, RF, PNP, NPN, frequency, TTL, RS232, HART or transistor contacts.

In addition to the liquid flow meter calibrations on offer, Young Calibration can provide a range of servicing, repair and adjustment options for positive displacement and turbine type meters. The modular construction of the rig permits quick and efficient installation with turnaround times as low as 24 hours. Fluid calibrations on offer include engine oils, Jet A1 fuel, AVGAS, hydraulic oils ISO 10 to ISO 64, ISO 4113, dielectric oils, Skydrol and a range of Aeroshell aviation fluids.

Located in Shoreham Airport, West Sussex, the new oil flow laboratory provides easy access to flow meter calibration service to Aviation MRO companies along with our long standing customers in the automotive, oil and gas and hydraulic sectors.

An onsite low flow calibration rig covering 1 cc/min to 250 l/min is available with technical operator for in-situ, onsite calibrations for aviation, hydraulic and fuel system flowmeters on customer specific oils with the minimum of downtime and disruption. This modular design enables the company to offer quick, cost effective fuel and oil flow meter calibrations on customer test rigs fluids.


UKAS Accredited Oil Flow Calibration Rig

  • Rig 1 : 0.5 l/min - 440 l/min

Traceable to National Standards
  • Rig 2 : 0.5 l/min - 100 l/min
  • Rig 3 : 0.1 l/min - 25 l/min
  • Rig 4 : 2 l/min - 250 l/min
  • Rig 5 : 10 l/min - 700 l/min
  • Onsite 0.001 l/min - 400 l/min
Elevated Temperature Calibration
  • To 140C
  • 0.5 - 100 cSt


  • Coriolis Flowmeter
  • Variable Area Rotameter
  • Turbine Flowmeter
  • Positive Displacement Meter
  • Helical Screw Meter
  • Nutating Disc
  • Sprung VA
  • Ultrasonic
  • Gear
  • Piston
  • VSE, Hydrotechnik, Kral, AW Lake, Apollo, Nixon, Icenta Metri, Max, FTI, AOT, Hydril, Bestobell, Badger, Parker, Macnaught, Litre Meter, Kem-Kueppers, Kobold, Titan, Omega, Oval, Trigas, Flowquip

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