Pressure Calibration

Our UKAS pressure calibration laboratory is equipped with a range of precision pressure balances, dead weight testers, digital calibrators and digital barometers enabling the company to offer pneumatic, gas, hydraulic and oxygen clean pressure gauge calibration. Our UKAS accredited pressure range covers both absolute and gauge measurement from -0.9 to 35 bar for pneumatic gauge pressure, up to 1100 bar hydraulic gauge pressure and 0.01 to 36 barA for absolute and barometric sensor pressure. Our ISO/IEC 17025 UKAS accredited pressure calibration service is also available for onsite calibration work.

All types of pressure devices can be calibrated, covering absolute, gauge and differential pressures, such as manometers, micro-manometers, inclined manometers, bourdon tube gauges, vacuum sensors, transducers, transmitters, barometers, piezoelectric, piezoresistive, quartz, relief valves, switches, magnehelic gauges, oxygen gauges, pressure calibrators, caisson gauges and blood pressure meters with output signals of voltage, mA, frequency, charge or RS232. All calibrations have complete line of traceability to national standards and certificates come with all the requirements stipulated in ISO/IEC 17025 standard including.

Our reference calibration standard consist of high performance pressure balances from Desgranges et Huot, Ruska, WIKA and Budenberg and electronic pressure calibrators from Druck, Ruska, Fluke, WIKA and Mensor. A range of fluid media is available for pressure gauge calibrations, from dry air, nitrogen, ultrapure grade nitrogen, pure water, oil and fluorocarbon oil.

The range of high accuracy balances and portable electronic calibrators allow the laboratory to offer cost effective and timely calibrations to suit all customer requirements.


UKAS Accredited Calibration
  • Pneumatic 0 - 35 bar g
  • Pneumatic 0.1 - 36 barA
  • Hydraulic 0 - 1100 bar g
  • Barometric 5 - 1300 mbarA
  • Piezoresistive Calibration
  • Piezoelectric Calibration
  • HART Communication Configuration
  • On-site Calibration Facility, UKAS accredited
Oil Free, Oxygen Clean Calibration
  • Ultrapure Nitrogen 0 - 20 bar
  • Oxygen Use Fluid 0 - 400 bar
  • Full Oxygen cleaning service
  • Particle Assessment
  • ASTM G93


Pressure Calibration Sensors
  • Digital Pressure Gauges
  • Bourdon Tube Gauges
  • Piezoelectric
  • Piezoresistive
  • Barometers
  • Pressure Indicators
  • Manometers
  • Micromanometers
  • Magnehelic
  • Transmitters
  • Altitude Sensors
  • Test Gauges
  • Caisson Gauges
  • Transducers
  • Transmitters

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