Temperature Calibration

The temperature calibration laboratory offers independent calibration service for temperature probes, thermocouples, loggers, RTD probes, infra red meters, IR thermometers, thermal imaging cameras, thermistors, glass thermometers, transmitters, dry block calibrators, liquid baths, temperature controllers and displays. All makes and models from any manufacturer can be calibrated traceable to national standards with certification report generated to the guidelines of ISO/IEC 17025. UKAS accredited ISO/IEC 17025 calibrations can be undertaken across -40 to 200C for temperature indicators, base metal thermocouples, resistance thermometers, block calibrators and liquid baths.

The temperature calibration laboratory is equipped with a range of platinum resistance thermometers, dry block calibrators, stirred liquid baths, climatic chambers and black body sources to provide a comprehensive and cost effective temperature calibration service over -40 to 1200C temperature range and -270 to 1760C for electrical simulation. We use International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90) for all our temperature calibration work. Calibration technicians and engineers are experienced with associated test instrumentation and can undertake temperature calibrations on data loggers, thermal hygrometers, oven probes, chart recorders, climatic chambers, MHRA compliant loggers, simulators and calibrators.

A range of portable temperature reference equipment is available for on-site calibration of ovens, controllers, furnaces, weather stations, HVAC instrumentation, environmental chambers, dryers, fridges and freezers covering -40 to 1000C.

Temperature calibration services available for all Omega, Fluke, ETI, Testo, Kimo, Pico, Gemini, Cole Parmer, MSL, Hobo, Tempcon, Lascar, Trend, Signatrol, Rotronic, ASL, ATP, RS, Dickson, Eurotherm, ABB, TC Direct, Thermosense and Hawco products lines.

Temperature Calibration Procedure. To perform a temperature calibration a stable and adjustable source of temperature is required over the range of the device being calibrated. This can either be a stirred liquid bath, dry block calibrator, fluidised bath or a spherical furnace. After a stable temperature is reached, an accurate way to measure the temperature is required and a comparison is made against the device under test. The laboratory uses SPRTs, semi standard PRTs or Type R thermocouple to indicate the temperature of the source and a direct comparison can be made taking into account all components of uncertainty in your calibration system.


  • UKAS Temperature Calibration
  • Simulator Calibration
  • System Calibration Uncertainty
    • -40 to 20C 0.35C
    • 0C 0.05C
    • 20 to 200C 0.06C
    • 200 to 600C 0.5C
    • 600 to 1200C 2C
  • Dry Block Calibration
  • Liquid Bath Calibration
  • IR Thermometers
  • Thermal Imaging Calibration


  • Thermometers
  • Thermocouples
  • PRTs and Thermistors
  • IR & Thermal Cameras
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Digital Thermometers and Probes
  • Dial Thermometers
  • Furnaces and Ovens
  • Climatic Chambers
  • Weather Stations
  • Data Loggers
  • Chart Recorder
  • Controllers and Displays
  • Dry Block Calibrators
  • Liquid Baths

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