Automotive Component Testing

Prototype and production test and development services for automotive components, either single component or system testing for product development, product validation and type approval testing. Automotive engineering test support for design and test engineering personnel in operating in research & development, test and production environments on thermal fluid systems in quality approved test facilities. Working with worldwide OEM and vehicle manufacturers in coolant, lubrication, charge air, energy storage and thermal management systems helping to refine and optimise vehicles for the future generation.

The component test facility is designed to accommodate fast turnaround times for critical engineering issues and provide a fast track test solution for time critical production problems with ICE, hybrid and electrical vehicle thermal management components. Our aim is to provide cost effective engineering resource in the key moments of need.

Test facilities, rigs, hardware and software are of modular construction and can be quickly adapted to suit individual project requirements in a fast and efficient manner. There are a range of onsite support modules for rig build that includes fluid heaters & coolers, electrical heating, flow control, pressure generation and control, charge air, oil system modules, fuel cooling and heating, pressure pulsation generation and control, air blast and full measurement instrumentation and data acquisition. Measurement instrumentation is supported from out in-house UKAS accredited laboratory.

Component development, durability and product validation testing can be undertaken on a range of automotive, marine and aviation systems, including water pumps, oil pumps, PAS pumps, fuel pumps, piston cooling jets, turbines, thermostats, radiators, oil coolers, intercoolers, turbochargers, actuators, fan modules, filters, motors, HVAC units, batteries, injectors, hoses, valves and power controllers.


Component Testing Methods
  • Flow vs dP testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Thermal cycling
  • Vibration testing
  • Shock testing
  • Hot and cold soak
  • Mechanical durability
  • Pressure Pulsation testing
  • Altitude testing
  • Chargecooler Thermal Cycling
  • Corrosion
  • Erosion


Automotive Component Test Capability
  • Flow : 0.01 - 400 l/min
  • Pressure : Vacuum to 400 bar
  • Temperature : -40 to 300 Deg C
  • Dew Point : 40 to -60 Deg C
  • Vibration : 0.5 to 2000 Hz
  • Shock : - 40 g
  • Soak Test : -40 to 180 Deg C
  • Bump, Pulse, Impact
  • Pressure Pulsation : 0.01 - 10 Hz
  • Altitude : Sea - 35,000 ft
  • ASTM G85, B117

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