Chargecooler & Intercooler Performance Testing

Young Calibration's Chargecooler or Intercooler Calorimetric Test Facility offers thermal performance characterisation for automotive, marine and industrial heat exchangers worldwide. Although the facility is predominantly aimed at the passenger car market, the wind tunnel and plant can cover charge and intercoolers from small industrial engines to medium-size truck installations, standby compressors and Formula 1 powertrains.

The facility is one of a few truly independent laboratories offering calorimetric services for OEMs, aftermarket, R&D establishments, motorsport and passenger car manufacturers.

The charge cooler facility for air to air and air to water coolers can be adapted to suit varying sizes and design complexity for a host of industries. A continuing upgrade programme ensures the facility remains one of Europe's leading calorimetric testing establishments. Extensive capabilities exist within the laboratory to cover brick and full-face intercoolers and charge coolers.

Test reports present all the data in tabular and graphical formats, covering air-side pressure drop, charge side pressure drop, heat rejection performance, heat dissipation and thermal efficiency. All intercooler testing can be accommodated for individual tube and turbulator development, find density optimisation, full core thermal efficiency testing to complete cooling pack testing of integrated modules.

Calorimetric testing is an important process in the successful development of high efficiency chargecoolers and enables manufacturers to optimise the trade off between airside pressure drop and charge pressure drop.

Young Calibration offer thermal imaging and transient heat soak testing, providing valuable information virtually impossible to achieve using standard testing methods. This information can be vital when looking to extract the best possible performance from an engine.


  • Full Face Coolers
  • Brick and Barrel Intercoolers
  • WCCAC - Water Cooled Charge Air Cooler
  • CAC - Charge Air Cooler
  • Integrated Cooling Packs
  • Turbulator Development
  • Fin Density Optimisation (FPI)
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Intercooler Testing and Development
  • Intercooler Durability Testing
  • Heat Soak Testing
  • OE, Aftermarket and Vehicle Integration Testing
  • Pressure Pulsation Testing
  • Thermal Cycling Testing
  • Ageing Testing
  • Corrosion Testing
  • Air Tightness and Leak Testing
  • Burst Testing


Intercooler Charge Air Cooler Capability

  • Air Mass Flow 0.02 - 0.46kg/s
  • Charge Pressure 1.5 - 3.1 barA
  • Charge Temperature 100 - 220C

Cooling Air Side Capability (CAC)

  • Size 900 x 800 mm
  • Flow 30 - 4400 l/s
  • Face Velocity 1 - 15 m/s
  • Pressure 10 - 1800 Pa
  • Temperature 20 - 35 1C

Cooling Water Side Capability (WCCAC)

  • Fluid Flow 0.1 - 300 l/min
  • Pressure 0 - 2.5b Abs
  • Temperature 20 - 145 1C

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