Oil Cooler & EV Battery Cooler Performance Testing

Calorimetric wind tunnel testing for engine oil, transmission, hydraulic, ERS, TOC and squirt jet coolers, either water cooled or air blast models can be accommodated on all of the calorimetric wind tunnels, covering flow rates up to 120 litres per minute. Oil coolers can be tested on a controlled specification transmission fluid, high performance engine motor oil or dielectric oil for low capacity heat exchangers. Monitoring and calibration of the oils is maintained in-house using calorific bombs, FTIR analysis, density standards and viscosity meters to ensure the reference oil calibration standards are maintained to the required tolerances. Coolers used in passenger car, truck, bus, motorcycle, performance race, military and marine applications can be accommodated. The versatile wind tunnels and cooling plant are rated up to 150 kW for oil system packages.

Customers include Original Equipment Manufacturers, prototype fabricators, Formula 1, Formula E, Indy Car, NASCAR, vehicle manufacturers, Research and Development consultants, CFD Consultants, aviation MRO, universities and the MOD.

Extensive capabilities exist within the laboratory to cover engine, gearbox, hydraulic, ERS and electric motor cooling using oil or dielectric fluid to water and blast air configurations.

The thermal fluids test laboratory has three calorimetric test rigs accommodating all types of oil coolers. The testing provides accurate and informative results which can be used to improve the overall efficiency of your heat exchanger package. Combined with our UKAS Calibration Services, immediate test support is on hand to meet the demanding and emergency test requirements. On site resources enable manufacturers and developers to maintain cost effective solutions for their heat exchanger development programs.

A full range of heat exchanger cleaning and particle analysis compliments the testing services due to the ever increasing demands for component cleanliness within the aviation and motorsport sectors.


Oil Cooler & EV Cooler Testing
  • Air Blast Coolers
  • Water Cooled Cores
  • Engine Mounted Heat Exchangers
  • TOC Combined Radiator Testing
  • Oil Coring Testing
  • Plate, fin, bar and Shell / Tube
  • Concave motorcycle coolers
  • Dielectric Fluids
  • Hybrid & EV Battery Cooling
  • Smart Thermal Management
  • Tube / Fin Development
  • Aviation Fuel Coolers
  • Fan Assisted Coolers
  • Dirt / Dust Ingress testing
  • Aeration Evaluation tests
  • Contamination Testing
  • Cooler Servicing / Cleaning


Oil Cooler Side Capability
  • Flow 0.1 - 120 lpm
  • Pressure < 4 barg
  • Temperature 40 - 110C
  • Size 900 x 300 mm
  • Fluid Texaco 7045 E or Synthetic Engine Oil
  • Dieletric /Battery Fluids
Cooling Water Side Capability
  • Flow 0.1 - 250 l/min
  • Temperature 40 - 95C
  • Pressure < 2 barg
  • Pure Water or 50/50 Water/Glycol
Blast Air Side Capability
  • Air Flow 0.03.4 kg/s
  • Air Face Velocity 1 - 20 m/s
  • Pressure up to 7000 Pa (70 mbar)
  • Temperature 20 - 35 1C

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