Radiator Performance Testing

Radiator heat exchanger calorimetric test facility offers thermal performance characterisation of automotive, aviation, marine, off highway and industrial heat exchangers. The facility provides engineering solutions for research and development in thermal dynamic characterisation, establishing thermal efficiency performance of cooling systems, cooling packs, fan assemblies, hybrid thermal management, covering low temperature, low flow coolers, high performance heat exchangers for aviation and motorsport sectors up to cores sizes suitable for medium duty truck installations.

Extensive capabilities exist within the laboratory to cover radiators, cab heaters, low temperature radiators, industrial coolers, motor coolers, immersion battery systems, battery plate modules, additive manufacturing cores and climatic enclosures.

Detailed test reports present the data in both tabular and graphical formats, covering air-side pressure drop, coolant side pressure drop, heat rejection performance, heat dissipation, thermal efficiency and individual measurement uncertainty statements.

The company operates three heat exchanger calorimetric test rigs, all of which can undertake radiator heat exchanger testing. A high performance open outlet designed tunnel has the facility to run either, pure water or 50:50 antifreeze fluids with an airside capability up to 7000 Pa (70 mbar). This increased pressure capability allows for the assembled testing of vehicle front end modules, IndyCar sidepods and F1 ducting for optimisation of heat exchangers, ducting and flow profiles under varying track simulation conditions.

We continue to serve a variety of industries requiring high performance and reliable characterization of heat exchanger assemblies in aviation, military, Formula 1, Indy Car, NASCAR, CHP, Fuel Cell integration, EV and hybrid cooling assessments.


  • CFD Model validation
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Production sensitivity
  • Cooler Pack Assessment
  • Racecar Duct Development
  • Benchmarking Exercises
  • Heat Exchanger Development
  • Heat Exchanger Product Validation
  • Heat Exchanger Durability
  • Header Tank Performance Development
  • Tube, dimple and turbulator testing
  • Ford Dust Testing
  • Fan Performance Testing
  • Fan PWM Control
  • 8 - 14 volt and 100 Amp Supply
  • Flap angle measurement


Radiator Heat Exchanger Fluid Capability
  • Coolant Flow 0.1 - 400 l/min
  • Coolant Pressure Atm - 2 barg
  • Coolant Temp 40 - 110 Deg C
  • Coolant - Glycol Mix or Water
Radiator Cooling Air Side Capability

  • Full Face Core Size 900 x 800 mm
  • Air Volume Flow 30 - 4400 l/sec
  • Air Mass Flow 0.04 - 5.2 kg/s
  • Face Velocity 0.5 - 30 m/s nominal
  • Air Face Pressure 50 - 7000 Pa
  • Air Temperature 20 - 40 Deg C
  • Air Density as measured
  • Air viscosity as measured
  • Air humidity as measured

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