Thermal Imaging Services

Renown for its' versatility within the predictive maintenance sector, thermal imaging services also provide an invaluable insight into the flow characteristics and problematic issues with a host of research and development applications in heated fluid flow applications. A full range of static and video thermal imaging is available to compliment the dynamic calorimetric testing. Both upstream and downstream thermal video monitoring is available to capture thermal coring issues on multipass heat exchangers to aid product development and flow path optimisation. All laboratory thermal imaging cameras have comprehensive back up from the in-house calibration laboratory.

Handheld, process and in tunnel thermal imagers are utilised extensively within the Thermal Fluids Test Laboratory, providing customers with greatly enhanced test data profiles, which would be near impossible to achieve with typical test instrumentation.

With the aid of our thermal imaging services and careful consideration of the heat exchanger installation, detailed studies can be undertaken to help identify numerous problematic conditions. Previous testing has provided identification and solutions for; transient heat soak testing, identification of heat exchanger coring, tube blockages, aeration, manufacturing issues, weld integrity and fluid contamination.


  • Upstream Flow Profile Effects
  • Downstream Coring
  • Trapped Air Pockets
  • Aeration
  • Manufacturing Issues
  • Blocked Tubes
  • Fin Blockage & Damage
  • Coring Issues
  • Multipass Sealing


  • Optris Process Thermal Imager
  • Land Handheld Camera
  • Fluke Spot IR Camera
  • 10 Hz DAQ system

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