Thermal Imaging Services

Renown for its' versatility within the predicitive maintenance sector, thermal imaging services can also provide a valuable insight into the flow characterisitics and problematic issues with a host of Research and Development applications. A full range of thermal camera and infrared calibration services are also offered within the Temperature calibration laboratory.

Used extensively within the Thermal Fluids Testing Laboratory, the camera and high speed video system provides customers with greatly enhanced data profiles, which would be near impossible to achieve with typical test instrumentation.

With the aid of our thermal imaging services and careful consideration of the heat exchanger installation, detailed studies can be undertaken to help identify numerous problematic conditions. Transient heat soak testing, identifiation of HX coring and tube blockages are some of the issues that can be identified with the aid of thermal imaging analysis.


  • Upstream Flow Profile Effects
  • Trapped Air Pockets
  • Poor Manufacturing
  • Blocked Tubes
  • Fin Damage
  • Coring Issues

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