Thermal Testing Laboratory

The laboratory houses extensive test facilities for the evaluation, validation, testing and benchmarking of heat transfer and fluid flow components associated with internal combustion engines, turbines, power generation equipment, hybrid and electric powertrain vehicle platforms. The vast array of high accuracy instrumentation and data acquisition systems enable the fundamental thermodynamic characterisation of heat exchangers and systems to be established with a high degree of confidence.

A team of dedicated engineers and technicians support the operational running of the laboratory, to ensure consistency, reliability and quality control of the projects passing thorough the department.

At the centre of the purpose built facility is a flexible modular control system, comprising of two wind tunnels, data acquisition systems, coolant flow modules, oil flow modules, fuel module and a chargecooler module. The in-built flexibility allows a host of testing options to be undertaken to suit specific customer requirements, from simple pressure drop investigations, tube turbulator development to detailed heat rejection and thermal imaging studies of front end modules, assemblies and ducting.

Projects have been completed for a variety of applications, including, passenger cars, motorcycle, truck, bus, Formula 1, Formula E, NASCAR, Indy Car, CFD validation, military, aviation, compressors, industrial, CHP, hybrid drive thermal management and smart cooling control strategies.


  • Calorimetric benchmarking of radiators
  • Intercooler performance development
  • Front end pressure drop mapping
  • Cooling Pack assessments
  • Fan efficiency testing
  • Ductwork flow profiling
  • Heat Exchanger CFD Model Validation
  • Component Sectioning
  • Turbulator Flow, Pressure Drop Testing
  • Race Track Simulation to 220 mph
  • Type Approval Testing
  • Thermal Model Analysis Baselining


  • Calorimetric Heat Exchanger Wind Tunnel
  • Oil Flow Heater Module
  • Fuel Flow Heat Module
  • Gycol Mix Coolant Module
  • Pure Water Coolant Module
  • Pressure Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Air Mass / Volume Control
  • Charge Air Flow & Pressure Control
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • National Instruments DAQ
  • UKAS Calibrated Sensors

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