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NMi Acquires Young Calibration Ltd

1st November 2021

1 November 2021 NMi today announced its acquisition of Young Calibration Ltd., a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory

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ChemUK Expo

17th August 2021

Visit us at the ChemUK Expo, Stand C11, NEC Birmingam

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Anemometer Calibration Procedure

9th June 2021

Anemometer calibration topics, containing notes for the calibration of rotating cup anemometers

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Types of Air Flow Meters

26th May 2021

Volumetric air flow meters for air metering and gas flow measurement, looking at the pro and cons of variable area, vortex and laminar air flow meters

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New Updates for UKAS Temperature Calibration

15th March 2021

UKAS Lab 0604 now granted ISO 17025:2017 accreditation for the calibration of temperature probes, sensors, RTDs, thermocouples, liquid baths and dry block calibrators from -40 to 200C.

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Calorimetric, Durability and Component Testing Facility Upgrades

10th June 2020

Latest updates to the range of radiator, cooler calorimetric testing, durability and component cleanliness testing services for automotive, motorsport and aviation sectors

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What is a Rotameter and how does it work?

31st May 2020

What is a rotameter, flow standards on the side, how does a rotameter work, is it for actual flow conditions, or is it NTP, STP or sl/min or nl/min, how does gravity and vertical installation effect the flow readings and why should you always correct the flow tube readings of a rotameter or variable area flow meter

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Business Operation Continues - COVID-19

25th April 2020

Supporting key and essential industry with emergency call out, calibration support and maintenance. The laboratory is fully operational albeit changes to our working practices. Both UKAS accredited and standard traceable calibrations can be undertaken.

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How To Calibrate a Flow Meter

3rd March 2020

Principles of calibration, methods of calibration, calibration procedures, gravimetric calibration, piston prover calibration and master meter calibration. If you need to know how to calibrate a flowmeter, continue to read the article "How to calibrate a flow meter".

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Ultrasonic Clamp on Flowmeter Measurement Issues

3rd February 2020

Correlation and benchmarking study for ultrasonic clamp on flowmeters, detailing calibration errors, installation sensitivity, setup and procedural errors and making use of the diagnostic calibration tools provided

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Anemometer Calibration Uncertainty improvements for UKAS accredited air velocity calibrations

8th January 2020

Air velocity calibration uncertainty improves for all UKAS accredited calibrations, updates to anemometer calibration procedure and improved correlation map

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EBME Calibration & Servicing Training for BC Group Biomedical Instruments

18th December 2019

Approved manufacturer training has been received by our EBME Calibration Engineers for the BC Group of biomedical test equipment. Service, calibration and efficient support for the UK.

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Fan Coil and Heat Exchanger Calorimetric Testing

24th September 2019

Now offering fan coil testing and chiller testing for the thermal efficiency calorimetric testing

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Oxygen Clean Oil Free Pressure Calibration

27th August 2019

Aviation and Naval oxygen clean pressure calibration to MIL-STD-1330 and ASTM G93 with NVR cleanliness assessments, FTIR analysis and solvent extraction for gravimetric and microscopic analysis.

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Oil Flowmeter Calibration Facility Updates

14th June 2019

Latest specifications for the YCL Hydrocarbon Oil flowmeter calibration facility for the calibration of liquid flowmeters, helical meters, turbine meters, gear meters and hydraulic flowmeters

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UKAS Air Velocity Calibration Update Jan 2019

6th January 2019

UKAS anemometer calibration and air velocity calibration for pitot tube, cup anemometer, vane anemometer, ultrasonic anemometer and thermal anemometers.

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ISO 14644 Cleanroom Validation - Air Velocity Calibration

24th July 2018

Calibration of air velocity sensors for ISO 14644 cleanroom validation specification

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