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Radiator Cleaning & Service

17th June 2014

Motorsport radiator services for F1, Indycar, NASCAR, LPM1, Touring Cars, WRC, Historic

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Dielectric Heat Exchanger Test Rig

2nd January 2014

Motorsport and Hybrid Cooling system development.

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UKAS Air Flow Calibration Extension

16th December 2013

UKAS accreditation schedule extends again for this independent calibration laboratory.

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EBME Exhibition May 2011

2nd May 2011

Young Calibration, EBME exhibition

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Sierra Instruments Calibration

10th March 2011

Sierra Instrument Calibration Service

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ISO 16232 Component Cleaning Services

13th January 2011

ISO Class 6 cleanroom for the provision of fluid component cleaning, assessment, particle analysis and ISO 16232 reporting for automotive and aviation closed fluid components.

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Engine Blowby Meter Calibration

13th September 2010

Blowby Meter calibration of AVL, ECM, JTEC and Scheme flowmeters, Alicat MFM and MFC flowmeter calibration, Rotronic hygroclip calibration.

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BGI : Service & Calibration Support

25th July 2010

Calibration of DeltaCal, TetraCal, Challenger and HiVolCal calibrators

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UKAS Calibration Services Expanded

9th May 2010

New UKAS calibration for electrical, pressure, frequency, temperature simulation and onsite calibration for further expanded range of calibration services at your onsite locations..

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Expanded Medical Calibration Services

3rd January 2010

Ventilator calibration, pulse oximeter calibration,tympanic calibration, ifusion analyser calibration, flow, humidity and pressure calibration services

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EBME Ventilator Calibrator Issues

27th October 2009

Problems with medical ventilators, use, service and calibration

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Rotating Cup Anemometer Calibration Correlation

11th August 2009

Interlaboratory comparison for air velocity anemometer

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UKAS Air Velocity Calibration

21st July 2009

UKAS Air Velocity Calibration 0.05 - 80 m/s by Young Calibration Ltd

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UKAS Gas Flow Calibration

21st July 2009

Expanded flow calibration services along with a full service, repair and calibration for test bed air intake meters from the likes of Cussons VFAMs, Meriam Laminar Flowmeters and Furness Controls LFE. Modification of meters to improve linearity, span tube adjustment and flow damping snubbers to avoid engine pulsation effects.

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